2020 Has No Rules…It’s Upside Down Part II

2020 is upside down. No rules apply.

Melanie J.
4 min readDec 11, 2020


Photo by Rojan Maguyon from Pexels

I know you all watched in disbelief as 2020 played out in front of your eyes. It was like one train wreck after another filled of reality show moments, but the characters weren’t playing a role.

2020 was also a difficult year. There were so many issues that surfaced and resurfaced, that forced all of America’s vulnerability into the forefront for the world to see. She’s now standing naked in all her mess. From the political drama with Donnie T, the stock market crash, a pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people, all the celebrity deaths, the racial tensions caused from the unnecessary murdering of black men, etc., it was never ending.

However, in between all the events that left us feeling despair, 2020 was very entertaining. I usually watch some reality shows as a guilty pleasure (mindless entertainment), but I have not watched any reality shows in 2020. I was living the reality show of 2020 and was a willing participant. Here are a few mind-blowing and some just downright comical moments that I will remember the most from 2020:

Photo Credit: The Today Show

The Damn Broom Challenge — I literally pulled my broom out and tried this and it blew my mind. Found out later this “trick” worked for most brooms, so the joke was on me, I guess. Social Media sucks, ugh and I’m gullible.

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

Murder Hornets — I live in Florida and I was convinced that I saw a murder hornet in my backyard, no lie (no cap for the Gen-Z kids reading). It hovered right by my face while I was pulling some weeds. I damn near lost my shit that day. I didn’t go back into my backyard for the rest of that week.

Photo credit: CNBC

Mr. Peanut Died? — Ok, now they went too far. I mean they could’ve had him retire, but to kill him? And then, to have…



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