Clean Out The Clutter

It is finally Springtime, that time of year for renewal, rebirth, time to clean out the clutter from our sanctuaries and make space for new life. Spring cleaning usually entails getting our houses clean and beautiful to welcome the vibrancy of Spring. Cleaning out our closets, putting away those heavy sweaters and coats, a cold reminder of Winter. In addition, we toss out old items that we no longer use, they no longer serve a purpose.

In nature during Springtime, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the butterflies and bees are pollinating, it is really an awakening. The…

Protect Your Energy

Friday: When do I take on the mood of someone else?

We are all flawed beings in a constant state of evolution and during that process we might experience many shortcomings. One of those shortcomings is giving away our power to someone who may have triggered an emotional situation.

Living through 2020 was an emotional nightmare and some of humanity have been scarred and psychologically damaged. So, it makes sense that some people are constantly on edge and living in a space filled with anxiety and fear. We were in a perpetual state of panic after being exposed to death…

Haiku: KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 9: Reconnecting with innocent pleasures

innocent pleasure
laughter of little humans
warms my beating heart

One of the simple pleasures in life is hearing the laughter of innocent babies and children who have yet to be cycled through and tainted by this world. The pleasure of hearing the laughter of little humans can bring joy to even the coldest hearts. I could sit for hours and listen to the freedom that their laughter symbolizes. If more humans reconnected to their inner child, we would have more laughter and joy in our hearts and less anger in this world.


Live Every Moment

Marcus’ KTHT Prompt — Imagine if you will, a world in which we accept that the date of death, but not the how, is determined before you were born. How would that “truth” affect you, your thinking and actions?

“Oh my” is what came out of my mouth after reading Marcus’ philosophical question. This was for sure going to be challenging I thought, but I did not want back away from this deeply intense topic. So here goes nothing.

After completing the piece about time, I think I have gained some additional perspective on how we should live our lives…

This was so sweet. I love beta fish, I miss the one that I had. I have been thinking about getting another and your story just heightened that feeling. So wonderful that you were able to communicate to ginger and calm her spirits. Love this gem Spirit.


floating lily pads
gracious koi sends waves rippling
tranquility pond

I love koi fish. They are cold-water fish bred to be ornamental pets kept in ponds and outside water gardens. They come in various colors which include white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, and cream. Observing their vibrant colors and their effortless glide underwater brings a sense of peace.

Koi ponds are quite popular in America and Europe, but the species was originally bred by the Japanese using the common carp from China. In Japanese culture, the koi fish symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and abundance. …

Melanie J.

Writer with a deep passion to spread positivity, inspired by the flow of nature.

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