This Blog Is About Nothing…

Melanie J.
5 min readOct 29, 2020
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This blog is about nothing. I decided to start writing and see where this takes me. Because I am new to this I wanted to determine how strong m skills are and to see what I could pull out of my brain without thinking about it. I have gotten this far and I have not stopped yet so I will keep going. Today was such a great day, I decided to send out a blog post to more of my friends which means I am getting more comfortable having people read my posts. It feels awesome. I mean I had no idea that words would be flowing like this effortlessly without me having to think about what to write. Maybe this is a talent and I am a super genius or maybe this is something that all writers can do without any real effort. Please let me know which one it is because I am curious. Especially since I am new to this. I am 165 words in and I only stopped to correct a word so I will keep going. I am in bed right now getting ready to go to sleep and I think that I am already addicted to Medium because as soon as I turned on my laptop I opened the website and started scanning for any interesting articles to read. Wow, this is all new to me to feel this way about writing. I wish I would’ve started writing years ago, maybe I would’ve been making some serious money by now. Speaking of money, I am so excited to read all the articles that provide advice on how to make money on Medium writing articles and blogs. I am so excited to start posting every single day. Even if it’s just a quick article with no direction where I am just typing just to see how far I can get. This is crazy to me that the words are just coming out. I started by saying that this article is about nothing and sure enough I don’t even know where I am taking you but guess what I will keep going. And now that I am still writing I am thinking that I shouldn’t even edit this blog for errors because I want to keep it as authentic as possible. So, please excuse me that there might be commas that are missing or if my grammar isn’t all the way correct. It happens to the best of writers so I am not even sweating it. Well it feels like I am running out of words so I will try to close it out now. I am at 443 words and I think that is a whole lot for just writing with no aim. Geez, now I don’t even want to stop because this has become a damn challenge to myself because I surely am not competing with anybody. This is all in my head for me, lol. I feel a bit crazy but I am…

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