V for Vendetta, The Love Story…

Melanie J.
5 min readNov 7, 2020

I watched the movie V for Vendetta for the first time tonight. When it was released back in 2006, I was a stupid kid only concerned with hanging out, partying, and having a good time. So, if I saw the movie back then, my very immature brain probably wouldn’t have understood the political and social unrest, coupled with the need for vengeance and the quest to gain freedom which were the main motifs of the movie. Therefore, I am glad that I watched it tonight because watching it with a mature brain, as well as currently seeing some of the chaos in the movie that have come to fruition, made it so much more relevant.

V for Vendetta is all too surreal. Are we literally living this movie? It all seemed too real like the movie was made as a warning for us all. I could discuss all the chaotic aspects of the movie, you know “remember, remember the 5th of November,” but I am sure that topic has been covered. Instead, I will discuss the amazing love story that evolved during the movie.

Natalie Portman’s character Evey Hammond, fell in love with the main character, V, played by Hugo Weaving. V was a masked anarchist freedom fighter who hated the government and believed that the government should fear its people and not the other way around. So, he made it his mission to seek vengeance and created chaos that sent the government into a frenzy while they tried to capture him and remain in control of the masses.

V lived a very tumultuous life. As a young man he was locked away in a concentration camp where the government ran tests on him and ended up getting burned extremely badly in a fire that engulfed the facility that he was locked in. Hence, the reason for the mask and the beginning of his plight to become the freedom fighter in the movie.

He ended up meeting Evey one night in an alley way after he saved her from some disgusting corrupt secret police who were planning on raping her because she was out after curfew. During their first meeting, in a poetic exchange of words, he invited her to a rooftop to listen to music which was followed by him blowing up the Old Bailey, the criminal court of England. That was a hell of a first date.

V took Evey to his house after another encounter they had at the tv station where she worked. She was knocked out by a government agent after she…

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